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Welcome to Sky Wellbeing, where we aim to provide information on all things health. We offer a range of in house massage services. These are available throughout the week at the Osterley, Dunfermline and Livingston sites at a low rate.

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Have you joined the kale fan club yet? This dark, leafy green vegetable is one of the most talked about vegetables in recent times with good reason. It's cheap, virtually fat free and portion for portion it's hard to beat the nutritional benefits kale can give you. Click on the Food for Thought tab above for further information.......

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Why not de-stress or relieve some tension with one of our many massages offered in Livingston & Dunfermline. Only £15 for a half an hour session. If you are in Osterley, visit the Sky Gym website to book your appointment

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"If you can keep yourself physically fit and mentally alert, and have time to relax, then you will perform better than people who work every minute of the day and never manage to break away from work." - Sir Richard Branson 


The Facts - Healthy employees = a healthy business

  • People in "good" health are up to 20% more productive than those in "poor" health (1)
  • Health promotion programmes can have a positive impact on employee health producing a return of £6.19 for every £1 invested (2)
  • Workplace absence stands at 8 days per employee, costing the average employer £666 per employee per year (3)
  • The annual economic costs of sickness absence and worklessness are estimated to be over £100 billion
  • Individuals with five or more risk factors are twice as likely to be absent from work that individuals with two risk factors (4)



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